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Cultural association in Pfarrkirchen: say goodbye loudly

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The core team of the cultural association with the Italian power woman Sara Zaccarelli.
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thought, done. The music lovers from the provinces no longer wanted to have to travel to Linz or even further to hear their favorite music from the blues and soul genres live. With the Red Rooster in Mühlgrub Castle, a suitable venue opened up. “Later we bought a tent for a few years,” says treasurer and press officer Elmar Appl, who can look back on many legendary events and performances.

Picture Book and La Brass Banda

However, the club also had to cope with setbacks. The band “STÜNGÖ” around the legendary and now deceased guitarist Georg Wild was once booked for Pfarrkirchen. “It really poured, very few people came,” says Appl. On the other hand, on the initiative of the cultural association, “Bilderbuch” also played at a time when there was still no question of their picture book career. “We were with La Brass Banda in their early days and happily walked in and out of their performances backstage,” says Appl.

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During a guest performance in Kremsmünster with the Hot Pants Road Club, the combo on stage and the cultural association pulling the strings behind the scenes delighted more than 350 visitors.

Nevertheless, after 15 years, the enthusiasm has given way to disillusionment. The local initiative, which has enlivened cultural life in Bad Hall, Pfarrkirchen and beyond, has hardly been appreciated over the years, nor has it received any support from the public sector. “We always had to fight against windmills,” Appl openly admits in a farewell interview with the Steyrer Zeitung. It was a struggle with the parish of Pfarrkirchen not to have to pay a merry-go-round tax. “A one-time grant has moved to the extent of 50 euros.” The Corona years, in which events were put on hold, also pulled the plug out of the speakers for the makers of the cultural association – Elmar Appl, Franz Steininger, Alfred Mühlberger, Walter Striegl and Marcus Goldmann. There was also a change of ownership in the “Red Rooster”. In short: After 15 years and around 100 events, it’s over, the cultural association Schloss Mühlgrub will cease operations.

But in all secrecy you don’t want to steal from the stage. On the contrary, on Friday, March 24, at 8 p.m., the bricks should shake again at a very last double concert: With Imp Da Dimp and the Turtlenecks, the cultural association says goodbye in a befitting manner.

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