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Earthquake: Numerous lawyers reported Erdogan for killing

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Turkish President Erdogan in Hatay province
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They accuse the president, ministers, governors and construction companies of intentional and negligent killing and abuse of office, as the criminal complaint shows. “As lawyers in this state, we cannot close our eyes to such injustice,” said lawyer Pinar Akbina Karaman.

61 lawyers have signed so far. In Turkey, there is still a lot of discussion about how and whether the extent of the earthquake catastrophe could have been prevented. The Turkish opposition accuses the government, for example, of not having invested enough in the provision and earthquake safety of the local buildings and of failing to respond to the crisis now. The Turkish government dismisses such allegations as misinformation, among other things, and argues that any difficulties are due to the scale of the disaster.

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Video: ORF correspondent Karim El Gawhary reports from Antakia in Turkey on the situation after another severe earthquake with further deaths and injuries.

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