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Tragedy on kindergarten trip: According to the police, the boy drowned

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The kindergarten in Mattersburg remains open so that those affected can talk about what is happening.
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It is certain that the five-year-old drowned in a pond in a private garden after he ran away from the group, said a spokesman for the Burgenland State Police Directorate. The group from a Mattersburg kindergarten was on a cleaning campaign on Monday morning when the boy disappeared. According to media reports, carers are said to have followed him on the slightly hilly terrain, but lost sight of him – there was initially no confirmation from the police. Not all people involved have been interviewed. The child’s body has since been released, according to doctors, the child drowned.

In the district suburb, the focus on Wednesday was on the psychological processing of the accident. Crisis intervention teams are available to staff, parents and children, “so that everyone can get help,” it said. If necessary, you can get in touch and psychological support will be organized, said a spokeswoman for the municipality.

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The affected childcare facility is therefore still open in order to be able to talk about what is happening with professional help. The heads of all Mattersburg kindergartens will also meet on Wednesday to discuss the situation.

Source: Nachrichten

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