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60% of workers lost purchasing power since the pandemic

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Of the total number of workers who did not see an increase in their real wages, almost a third (29.3%) registered losses in purchasing power of less than 2.6% compared to July 2020. This percentage represented 253,654 employees in the sector. country private.

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While those who had a loss of more than 2.6% was 30.3%, that is, a total of 263,450 workers.

The items that lost the most

Considering the activity sectors To which the workers who registered the greatest losses in their real wages belong, who indicated a loss of less than 2.6%, working in stores, supermarkets, supergas, financial intermediation, security companies, call centers and some rural sectors, among others.

Those who suffered losses of more than 2.6% in their purchasing power, for their part, are employees of various sectors of transportation, hotels, restaurants, tannery footwear, clothing, and catering services, among others —the items hardest hit by the economic crisis. from the pandemic.

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On the other hand, the workers who registered increases in purchasing power They belong to the refrigeration industry, the metallurgical sector, the dairy industry, the chemical industry, port services, the agricultural sector in general, information technology, domestic service and the beverage sector, among others.

Source: Ambito

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