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Monday, March 27, 2023

The Broad Front is already thinking about the 2024 elections

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In the last elections, the then candidate Daniel Martinez He considered several names to complete his formula and finally chose Grace Villar, something that surprised the intern, because one of the most mentioned candidates to complete that space was the then former pre-candidate and today mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse.

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Faced with this, Pereira considered that it is time to address this problem to “build the best formula to reach the government in October 2024, the one that the Frente Amplistas understand is the most opportune”. For this, there should be a “very strong coordination between the political party and between whoever is elected candidate of the Broad Front.”

For this reason, the president of the FA pointed out how important it is to start dealing with this issue in time: “If this issue is repeatedly on the table, the Broad Front cannot ignore it. Nor do I discuss it on the date. That is why we are discussing it a long time in advance, to resolve rules and a work commission. So that all those who intend to be candidates know what the minimum rules of how to coordinate with the political force and how the formula is chosen”, he affirmed.

So far, four names appear in the opposition for the pre-candidacies: Cosse, Yamandu Orsi (mayor of Cannelloni), Andrés Lima (mayor of Leap) and the senator Mario Bergara. Pereira himself confirmed that he will not be a candidate in 2024.

Defense of Leal and criticism of Fossati

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Pereira also spoke about Gustavo Loyal and its involvement in the Astesiano case, and assured that “they made him a bed” for which he went from being a witness to being investigated in the investigation of his meeting with the father of the former presidential custodian.

“What are the things for which Leal is being investigated? For now it sounds like political pushes for an issue that is serious for the government,” he said. However, and despite the fact that he claimed to be convinced of it, he confessed that he cannot prove such accusations.

Along the same lines, the president of the FA criticized the prosecutor who is carrying out the investigation, Gabriela Fossati, and considered that “he has not acted in accordance with the law” while he did not explain to Leal the reasons why his condition changed in the case.

“He called many witnesses during this case and the only one who has been investigated is from the opposition,” added Pereira, pointing to a point that is highly questioned in the left-wing coalition.

In this regard, he opined that although “you have to respect” the decisions of the prosecution, “you don’t always have to agree.”

Source: Ambito

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