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Uruguay has the highest GDP per capita in the region, according to ECLAC

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Thus, in reference to the System of National Accounts (SCN 2008) approved by the Statistical Commission of the United Nations, Uruguay is “Among the countries with more advanced implementation processes”, according to ECLAC in its document.

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In second place is Chili (16,060 dollars per capita) and on the podium completes it Panama ($14,542).

As to overall GDP, Uruguay appears lower on the list, since it has fewer inhabitants. In that plane, Brazil leads undisputedly, with around 1.97 trillion dollars, seconded by Mexico (1.17 trillion dollars) and Argentina (529 billion dollars).

Exports, imports and foreign investment: other economic indicators of Uruguay

According to ECLAC, within the exports of the country, 7,696 million dollars (a 83.1%) belong to primary productswhile 1,611 million dollars (16.9%) to manufactured products.

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In turn, the report indicated that of the total number of exportsa 31.3% is explained by interregional trade from Uruguay. In the case of importsthat percentage is 38.5%.

Regarding the proportion of the foreign investment directly in the country governed by Luis Lacalle Pou, belongs to the 2% of GDP total. And regarding the external debtin Uruguay it represents a 79.4% of GDP.

In addition, Uruguay stands out as the country in the region with the highest effective consumption expenditure of households in consumption linked to “houses, water, electricity and other fuels“, with 4,228 dollars per inhabitantwell above the 2,260 dollars from Mexico, the little more than 2,000 dollars from Brazil and Chile or the 1,900 dollars from Argentina.

Source: Ambito

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