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New life for old jeans

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In the Diakoniewerk Bad Hall, bags were sewn from old jeans.
Image: (Kutsam)
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How can the consumption of textiles become more environmentally friendly? And what can a fashion house and a workshop for people with special needs contribute to this?

Johannes Behr-Kutsam from the fashion house Kutsam and Michaela Mekina from the evangelisches Diakoniewerk Bad Hall asked themselves this question in autumn 2020. Finally, the idea was born: Old, no longer worn jeans that are just hanging around in the box can be easily sewn into chic handbags. “Upcycling” is the name of this ongoing trend. Kutsam has now received first place for the implementation of “Modeinna”, the sustainability award of the Federal Committee for Trade in Fashion Articles Austria in the category socially innovative and sustainable. The bags are available at the Kutsam fashion stores. The proceeds go to the workshop of the Diakoniewerk.

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