Mad cow in Brazil, how can it affect Uruguay?

Mad cow in Brazil, how can it affect Uruguay?

The truth is that the suspension, no matter how short, would imply the exit from the market of a volume player, which would open the doors to competing markets, and to the possibility that the Chinese demand to Uruguay improves. Or, in any case, that the momentum is enough for the prices of the cattle market, in front of the lower supply of cattle, rise; which would also be good news for the country.

There are still no certainties about it, and the fact that in China there stock volume it leaves room only to wait for that stock to be consumed more quickly given the pause in Brazilian exports. While there have been no increases at the price level either, it is the most likely scenario in the event that the case of mad cow in Brazil is definitively confirmed.

Da Silva’s celebration

For the senator for the Sebastian Da Silva National Partyalso a renowned agricultural businessman, the appearance of the crazy cow in Brazil is “good news for livestock in 2023”, as he expressed it in his Twitter account. Twitter.

“While the sanitary protocol is in effect, the phones from China will begin to explode,” he added, noting the possibility that demand from the Asian giant could grow due to the suspension of one of its major providers.


In 2021, Brazil suspended beef exports to China after confirming two cases of “atypical” mad cow disease at two meat plants. On that occasion, the authorities clarified that the animals had developed the disease spontaneously and sporadically, unrelated to the ingestion of contaminated food, and that there was no transmission of the disease to other animals.

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