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Neighbors with cancer infected with Corona

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The trial was adjourned.
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The public prosecutor accuses a 53-year-old woman from Carinthia of disregarding her corona quarantine and infecting her neighbor with cancer who did not survive the Covid infection. The woman denies the allegations. The trial was adjourned.

It’s about December 2021. “I had a fever of 40 degrees and chronic bronchitis, I couldn’t get up,” the accused said in court about some of the days on which she, suffering from Covid, chatted without a mask in the stairwell with her seriously ill neighbor should have. Or where she is said to have driven a taxi or had coffee at a gas station. Her family doctor, who has since dismissed her, stated during the investigation that he had tested her positive and that he had also taken a smear for a PCR test. Nevertheless, the 53-year-old said to judge Dietmar Wassertheurer: “I never had Corona.”

Viral DNA matches

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The public prosecutor’s office bases the indictment on witness statements and two reports. A coroner found the cancer patient died of pneumonia caused by Covid. A virological report found that the virus DNA from the PCR samples from the accused and the person who later died matched. In addition, there were apparently many ads against the accused for quarantine violations. Other residents of the house are said to testify as witnesses in the process.

Source: Nachrichten

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