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Monday, March 27, 2023

Uruguay sent almost 4,000 steers to Turkey

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In 2022, 80,000 live cattle were exported, less than a third of the 261,000 shipped the previous year and representing the lowest volume recorded since 2013, according to data from the National Meat Institute (INAC).

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The average weight of animals exported in 2022 was 290 kilos at an average of $3.26 per head.

The task is consolidated in February with the steers

The shipment of steers also has its counterpart in the local work, carried out in greater number by these animals. So far in 2023, 151,527 steers have been slaughtered, of which half were slaughtered between February 1 and 18.

Likewise, the general drop in slaughter did not have as much repercussions in this segment as in that of cows: it was a drop of 12% against one of 31.3%. AND the proportion of steers is 53% with respect to the total number of animals admitted.

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Likewise, and after two weeks above 50,000 cattle, something that had not been recorded since May/June 2022, the slaughter remains on that axis, 6% below the activity of the same week of the previous year. Between February 12 and 18, the cattle slaughter was 49,259 head.

Source: Ambito

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