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The sale of wild birds, also prohibited by bird flu

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This new restriction is added to those decreed together with the health emergency, which restrict all movements within the national territory of backyard birds —roosters, hens, chickens and geese that are raised in home chicken coops or in backyards— and non-domestic birds. controlled through the Poultry Monitoring System. Likewise, backyard birds and those that make up the production system FreeRange must be housed in closed facilities with a roof in compliance with the Avian Influenza Contingency Manual approved in 2022.

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In parallel, all fairs, auctions, exhibitions and events related to the avian species were also suspended, with legal sanctions for those who fail to comply with this or any of the decreed measures.

The cases, only in Laguna Garzón

The ministries involved in the containment of bird flu in the country confirmed that the cases were only detected in Laguna Garzón, in the area between rock and Maldonado, and that affected 100 Black Neck Swans. The study on the suspected seagull was negative.

However, they stressed that what they are trying to avoid is that birds that may become contaminated fly over and spread the virus to other regions. “Until now there has been no case of affectation in the surrounding production areas,” reported the head of the MGAP, Fernando Mattos.

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Likewise, the authorities continue to insist on the importance of not touching sick or dead birds because the strain that entered Uruguay —H5N1— is highly contagious in humans through the handling of animals.

Source: Ambito

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