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The Salto Grande dam produces only 10% of energy

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Although the capacity is expected to increase to at least 800 cubic meters per second in the coming days, the start-of-normality situation has only recently been estimated for April.

The import of electricity grows

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Meanwhile, Uruguay already imports more than 50% of the energy it consumessupported by the excess production that is being generated in Argentina and, above all, in Brazil.

Thus, February is marked by the importation of energy by the National Administration of State Power Plants and Transmissions (UTE): at the beginning of the month, and with the objective of lowering the costs that the state company was having to keep the thermoelectric plants running —necessary in the face of the low flow rate in the hydroelectric plants due to the drought—, it began to import from Brazil. Likewise, on Saturday it was learned that it would also take the same modality during the long weekend of Carnival, but from Argentina.

He electricity purchase plan It will continue until, at least, well into winter, because the volumes of the dams continue to be well below what is necessary, since the costs of producing energy in thermoelectric plants are very high due to the necessary diesel oil, as confirmed by UTE.

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With little expectation that the flows in the dams will recover to the necessary levels, and no precipitation forecast of relevance for any of the basins, the government will continue to authorize the import of electricity from neighboring countries, whose production exceeds the consumption they are having.

Source: Ambito

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