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New software solution for charging e-cars at private charging stations

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Simple and practical: the Monta app
Image: Monta
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Founded in December 2020 by Casper Rasmussen and Anders Pedersen in Copenhagen, the young company called Monta has now expanded its area of ​​operation to nine countries – including Austria. With Monta, the Danes offer a software solution with which private individuals, companies, organizations and tourism companies can intelligently manage their e-charging points, share them with others and earn money with them. The aim is to make charging with electricity as easy as filling up with gas and to knit the charging network more densely.

With Monta, owners of a charging station decide for themselves when to make it accessible to others and at what price – with just a click. “With Monta, for the first time we are connecting all players in the market on one platform – from the electrician to the owner of the charging station to the fleet operators and e-drivers,” says the Danes.

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For example, charging stations can be reserved by hotels in advance, or the e-car driver can join the digital queue at a charging point. In addition, each provider can decide for himself when and for how long he allows charging at his wallbox.

Above all, electric car drivers see the current price before they start charging and have access to various payment options – including payment by terminal.

150 employees work for Monta in eleven countries.

Source: Nachrichten

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