The value of meat is affirmed in an expectant scenario due to the rise in prices

The value of meat is affirmed in an expectant scenario due to the rise in prices

In this scenario, and as reported Blasina and Associatesranch prices remain strong in an industry that has to compete for the lowest supply of finished cattle.

The prices of meat in the week

The value of the special steer is consolidated between 3.70 and 3.80 dollars per kilo, with disparity between plants, after Thursday, after confirming the case of mad cow in Brazil, the price of the steer in this country it will plummet 10% From one day to another. In Uruguay, this bovine is the main promoter of local work.

In cows the range of prices is wider: from 3.30 to 3.40 dollars the most general good heavy cows; and between 3.40 and 3.50 dollars the special ones, with very heavy carcasses. In the market there is a greater supply of cows than of steers.

The outlook remains for a limited supply of cattle in the near term. Replacement cattle prices increased for the quality supply in the lighter calf categories.

Now, with a Brazil that will possibly be without operations for four weeks, the additional shortage of livestock finished will surely lead to an increase in prices. It is enough to observe what happened in China that, even with available stock, registered a almost immediate price increase of between 200 and 300 dollars per ton.

The Brazilian withdrawal of exports from China could reaffirm the rise in export prices reported by the numbers of the National Meat Institute (INAC)with a 9% recovery in the last 30 moving days to $4,334.

In wool, The market remains firm and in demand, with fast charges and rising values. Heavy lamb is around $3.28; lambs up to 35 kilos, $3.13; sheep, $3.15; capons, $2.88; and sheep, $2.77.

The sheep meat it is also going through a path of recovery of values. From a floor of 3,596 dollars registered in the last week of January, it rose 6% in the last three weeks to 3,827 dollars, according to the last INAC record. The volume exported increased, with emphasis on the demand from China and Brazil.

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