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Drunk couple clashed on the freeway

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The driver and front passenger moved their argument to the A1 breakdown lane. (icon picture)
Image: vowe
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The couple was on the west autobahn towards Salzburg around 11 p.m.; in a fight. Shortly after the Enns Nord parking lot, the 23-year-old driver from St. Valentin stopped the car at the breakdown lane. Shortly thereafter, the 23-year-old passenger from Ried scratched the handlebars and hit him in the face. Then she pushed him to the ground, took away the car key and his mobile phone and threw both objects into the ditch.

A truck driver who happened to be passing by reported the emergency call because the 23-year-old ran into the right lane of the highway several times during the argument. The police arrived. The alcohol mat test showed the driver had a blood alcohol level of 1.64 – he had to hand in his driver’s license. But the woman must have drunk far too much. Both are displayed.

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Source: Nachrichten

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