Beginning of classes, how much does the school basket cost?

Beginning of classes, how much does the school basket cost?

The prices offered by large supermarket chains

Starting with the basics, the “painter” tunic for the smallest of the initial cycle it costs from 369 pesosoffered with a front pocket and various colors, while the “painter” tunic on costs 399 pesos.

For primary education the boys and girls right tunics start from the 699 pesos; while the pleated girl tunicssince the 769 pesos; and the boys and girls crossover tunics, from the 799 pesos. Some options include the classic blue gingham fabricalthough it can also be acquired by 99 pesos. The tunics for teachers and teachers start from the 899 pesos.

As for the backpacks, the lunchboxes for initial education students are sold from 449 pesoswhile the backpacks with children’s motifs for the little ones they oscillate between 599 pesos and 3,499 pesos. For older students who opt for a plain backpackprices range from 699 pesos to 3,890 pesos. The children’s snack bags of recess are obtained from 129 pesos.

Already equipped with tunic and backpack, it is time to think about the cartridge belts. The cheapest and smallest capacity can be obtained from 129 pesos. For boys there is the option with children’s motifs since the 279 pesosand they can choose a 1-story pencil case with tools incorporated since 759 pesos. The most expensive cartridges 3 floors with tools they cost 1,490 pesos.

The crayons for the garden cost from 60 pesos by 12 unitswhile a package of 6 pencils cost from 68 pesos. A mechanical pencil costs from the 130 pesoswhile two tubes of mines orgraphs” cost from 73 pesos. The pens of colors are from the 139 pesos and a concealer metal tip is achieved from 69 pesos. Besides, 10 units of fine markers from 79 pesos and one box of 24 colored pencilsfirst brand, costs 389 pesos.

The 96 sheet notebooks are offered from 33 pesos and the 100 sheet notebooks from 89 pesos. The clear cover folders they cost 25 pesosand the drawing with elastic start from the 45 pesos. A file with 30 pages is achieved from 359 pesoshe block of drawing sheets from 69 pesosand the agendas from 350 pesos.

The rest of the bill of materials can be completed with 6 units of erasers from 120 pesosthe small scissors by 56 pesos, 2 glue sticks from 135 pesosthe pencil sharpener start in 39 pesos and one Scotch tape from 21 pesos. We must not forget the supplies for mathematics with geometry games from the 149 pesosa good compass from 189 pesos, simple calculators from 189 pesosand scientific calculators from 28 dollars.

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