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After refugee drama in Italy: up to 30 other people missing

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According to Italian Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, up to 30 people are still being sought. The 59 bodies recovered so far are 21 men, 24 women and 14 minors, nine boys and five girls. Twins are also among the fatalities. The minor fatalities are between eight months and 13 years old. Entire families died in the accident. 82 people were able to save themselves. 22 survivors were taken to the hospital, one man is fighting for his life.

The overloaded fishing boat, which according to the coast guard had about 120 people from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan on board, could not withstand the rough sea and crashed into rocks a few meters off the coast. It broke in two. The debris was scattered 300 meters off the coast, it said. Many survivors were able to swim to shore.

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According to survivors, there were 140 to 150 people on board. The boat left Izmir in eastern Turkey four days ago.

Source: Nachrichten

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