Influencer’s dismembered body discovered

Influencer’s dismembered body discovered
Abby Choi
Image: Instagram/xxabbyc

After the horrific death of 28-year-old Abby Choi, her ex-husband, brother-in-law, parents-in-law and father-in-law’s lover were arrested, according to the media. The mother of one daughter was well known on social media, attended fashion events around the world and appeared in magazines as a model. On Instagram, she had 114,000 followers.

Police discovered body parts, a meat grinder and an electric saw in her father-in-law’s house, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday. A skull and ribs were found in a large soup pot. There were legs in the freezer. The torso and hands are still being sought.

The skull has a 6.5 by 5.5 centimeter hole, it said. Forensic scientists believed it was a fatal injury. Choi had been missing since Wednesday. Her 31-year-old brother-in-law worked for her as a driver. Traces of blood were found in the seven-seater car. Her 28-year-old ex-husband was arrested at a pier with a large sum of money and luxury watches as police suspect he was trying to flee the city.

The motive may have been a dispute between Choi and her 28-year-old unemployed ex-husband and his family over an expensive property, the South China Morning Post reported. The 28-year-old, who later married the owner of a chain of restaurants, wanted to sell the property she once bought under her father-in-law’s name.

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