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a US report indicates what would have been the origin of the pandemic

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Sources with access to the report state that the department he made his judgment with “little confidence”highlighting how different US agencies remain divided on the origins of covid-19, the pandemic that hit the world in early 2020.

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The department came to the conclusion after the analysis of a network of laboratorieseven those doing advanced biological research.


The Department of Energy agrees with the FBI

In this way, the US Department of Energy agrees with the FBI in its theory of the origin of the pandemic, which left almost 7 million deaths worldwide.

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Opinion among intelligence agencies is divided: four US agencies believe that the covid arose by natural transmissionwhile two others have not yet been decided, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The White House, meanwhile, is keeping its distance on one claim: White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, He stressed that “a variety of positions” still persist around the issue. “Right now there is no definitive answer that has come out of the intelligence community on this question,” he told CNN on Sunday.

The Chinese government fervently rejects the possibility that covid-19 arose from a leak in a laboratory and claims to feel “dirty” by the hypothesis of the United States department and its new accusations.

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