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Uruguay has the most expensive energy in the region

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Regarding medium voltage industrial electricity, the price in Uruguay per MWh is 135 dollars while in Paraguay it is 39, in Argentina 89, in Brazil 111 and in Chile 119 dollars. Regarding the price of residential electricity, in Uruguay it costs $283 per MWhin Brazil 187, in Chile 176, in Paraguay 56 and in Argentina 54.

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Regarding fuels, Uruguay leads in diesel and naft pricesto. Regarding gasoline, the price per liter is 1.83 dollars, while in Chile it is around 1.60, in Paraguay 1.26 and in Brazil and Argentina 0.97 dollars. Diesel, for its part, costs 1.50 dollars per liter, while in Chile it costs 1.43 dollars, in Brazil and Paraguay 1.22 and in Argentina 1.11 dollars.

Although Uruguay is not the country that has the most expensive Fuel oil, Natural Gas and LPGIt is one of the most expensive. The price of Fuel Oil is led by Brazil with 0.93 dollars per liter, but followed by Uruguay with 0.82 dollars. As for Natural Gas, the most expensive is the price per liter in Brazil with 2.33 dollars, but Uruguay also follows with 2.07. Lastly, LPG, which has the most expensive price in Chile with $1.96 per liter, is followed by Uruguay with $1.61.

What will happen to fuel prices in March?

The government plans to keep the fuel prices in March because oil values ​​are similar to those of January and after considering that National Administration of Fuels, Alcohol and Portland (Ancap) You have enough income to pay off the freeze.

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The Executive had already maintained fuel prices in February despite the fact that the report from the Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (Ursea) indicated that rates should increase. In the case of supergas in February it increased 10 pesos per kilo and the 50% discount was maintained for vulnerable households that receive any of the benefits of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides).

In this way the Super 95 naphtha continues at 71.88 pesos as the maximum sale price to the public, while the Diesel 50S it remained at 58.99 pesos per liter as the maximum pump price. While the supergas cost 73.35 pesos per kilo, well below the 93.72 pesos that the PPI measurement marks.

Source: Ambito

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