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Kronstorferin walks from the nursing home onto the big catwalk

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Image: Alex Callejo
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She learned how to be a caregiver for the elderly and only recently became self-employed in this area. But the catwalks of the big fashion world are still waiting for Nadine Anna Pfaffeneder, who was born in Kronstorf and has been living in Vienna for several years. For “The Sparkle Collection” and “Karen Chan” from Hong Kong, the 22-year-old walked the stage at Milan Fashion Week – one of the three largest and most important fashion weeks in the fashion world.

In addition to the Milan Fashion Week, the Upper Austrian can already point to some successes. Together with 20-year-old Simone Seckellehner from Schlatt (Vöcklabruck district), she is the current advertising face of the recently launched advertising campaign for the Milan label “Lisap Milano”. Pfaffeneder can also currently be admired in the art & fashion magazine LO’AMMI in Los Angeles with an editorial for Roberto Cavalli together with the Austrian photographer Mike Lehner. She also produced a magazine editorial for an international fashion magazine with Milan photographer Federico Romero. Before that, the 22-year-old was booked for numerous fashion shows and walked for Haute Couture Award Austria winner Julia Lara König or New York Fashion Week designer Goran Bugaric (Atelier Bugaric).

Still big goals

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Although modeling is Nadine Anna Pfaffeneder’s great passion, it is by far not her entire purpose in life. She also has big goals and ambitions with her own company in the field of elderly and personal care. “When I’m not on the catwalk or in front of the camera, I’m there for people who need help and give them a smile,” said the 22-year-old.

“I have seldom seen a model who has such a will, but without elbow technique. She appears very professionally and convinces customers with her self-confident appearance. Some models can learn a lot from her,” says manager Dominik Wachta from 1st Place Models of the 22-year-old Rosen. Now Nadine Anna Pfaffeneder is going back to Austria, after that an order in Germany is to follow and it is supposed to continue in Milan from May. “We were able to place her with one of the biggest agencies in Milan, so she still has some chances of further great success,” said the manager.

Source: Nachrichten

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