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Paramedic couple gave birth to their own child in the car

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Alexander and Theresa Schabetsberger with their dashing Jonas
Image: Philipp WIATSCHKA
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Theresa and Alexander Schabetsberger had planned the birth of their son differently. But on the way to the hospital in Wels, Jonas didn’t want to wait any longer. The paramedic from Hartkirchen gave birth to her second child after only three contractions in a private car, her husband, also a paramedic and anesthetist, was at her side as an obstetrician. After a moment of shock – the umbilical cord had wrapped itself around the neck of the newborn son and it took a few seconds before breathing could be heard – Jonas’ first cry was heard. Shortly thereafter, the ambulance arrived. Now, two months later, there was a reunion with the paramedic Jan Hoffmann, who was there on January 6 shortly after the birth and cut off Jonas’ cord.

“When my wife said to me that I should pull over at the next opportunity because she had to push now, I knew that things were getting serious now,” Alexander recalls. He immediately made the emergency call and told the dispatcher that his wife was going to give birth in the car. Then the child’s head was already visible. The amniotic sac was still intact and had to be opened by Alexander. After three pressing contractions, Jonas was born.

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The rescue and emergency medical team cared for the young family on site, including paramedic Jan Hoffmann, a friend of the parents’ colleague. “In the emergency medical service you often have assignments that are very stressful,” he explains, “giving birth is of course a particularly nice experience. It was the fifth birth I was allowed to help with, but during my 23-year service as an emergency paramedic the first childbirth in the car,” says Hoffmann. Theresa Schabetsberger is full of praise for her husband: “Now I know more than ever: He knows what he’s doing.”

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