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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The MGAP announced an operation to deliver rations to producers

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On the other hand, it announced a ration delivery operation that, according to the ministry, will reach 3,500 to 4,000 producers. “We will be calling prices for 3,000 tons of ration for calves and then another tender for 7,000 tons to keep the cattle during the winter. We are going to deliver rations to small producers with a high subsidy rate,” Mattos explained.

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In addition, he specified that as of March 7, the MGAP will be in charge of the producers who have less than 30 cows to facilitate their access to credits Microfinance Republic, which already have 5,000 applicants. “They reach all the family producers, who also have aid through the municipalities with which the MGAP makes agreements,” he said.

In this same sense, the hierarch highlighted the measures taken by the government and responded to the criticism linked to the delay in the measures accompanied by a large bureaucracy that does not coincide with the urgency of the producers. “The effort is enormous. The machinery of the State is heavy and it can be said that it is late, it may be, but we have to be accountable for what we do and the rules must be complied with, without prejudice to speeding things up as much as possible”, Mattos remarked.

The 13 key measures of the MGAP

FAE loans: For those affected livestock, dairy, horticultural, fruit and agricultural producers who can access a soft credit line financed by the Agricultural Emergency Fund (FAE)which will be executed by Microfinance Republic and will have a subsidized rate of 2% in dollars or 14% in Uruguayan pesos. In addition, it will have an extended term, until the end of 2026 in some cases.

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Grazing enabled on routes: Livestock producers will be able to graze in areas surrounding the routes, with permits issued by MGAP zones.

CAD and Rural Development Boards: Through the Departmental Agricultural Councils (CAD) and Rural Development Roundtables, the MGAP receives producers to listen to proposals and needs and try to provide answers.

Coordination with the CECOED: The ministry articulates the Departmental Emergency Coordination Centers (CECOED) throughout Uruguay.

MGAP agreements with municipalities: The ministry allocates specific funds to the municipalities, in addition to the measures taken by each department.

Extension of maturities in the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS): They are extended until February 28, although a second extension of the measure is being studied.

Bonus and credit: The rent will not be increased in 2023, a 10% bonus will also be provided to those who have paid by date in 2022. In addition, specific credit lines are offered for producers.

Reduction of electrical energy costs: joint venture It will reduce the cost of electricity to those who irrigate by 15%, as well as the cost of energy will not vary during the day (which means 15% more). On the other hand, the energy consumed between January and March may be paid in six installments from July to December. This measure affects only farmers.

specific credits: He Bank of the Republic (BROU) It offers specific lines of credit with low interest rates, between 2 and 4% depending on the sector.

Maturity shift: He Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU) took the measure of extending the maturities for 180 days, taking charge of the interests that are caused in the loans to small and medium producers.

Contribution payment: Most of the municipalities throughout Uruguay are extending the payment of contributions to the month of March.

Ande credits: The National Development Agency Provides support credits to producers.

SBI: The National Administration of State Sanitation Works will bring drinking water to rural areas that do not have access to the service.

Source: Ambito

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