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Anyone who tunes mopeds not only risks hefty fines

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Tampering with mopeds can result in heavy administrative penalties.
Image: VOLKER Weihbold
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Chief inspector Michael Saler warns young people not to tamper with their mopeds. “Anyone who tunes their moped is liable to prosecution.” In addition to administrative penalties, there are also problems with liability in the event of an accident, which can quickly add up to money.

“Our aim is to make young people in particular aware of the possible consequences of illegal manipulation,” emphasizes Saler, head of the traffic department in the Vöcklabruck district police command. He therefore announces checks of the two-wheel handlebars for the upcoming spring. “We will also ensure that the legal requirements are complied with. This serves to ensure traffic safety and to reduce the number of traffic accidents.”

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The permitted condition of the moped can be seen in the type certificate. If you are not sure, you should ask a specialist workshop, the police recommend. Because every technical subsequent change to the moped that is not typed and therefore not registered is punishable. This goes as far as withdrawing license plates and registration certificates. Illegal changes also result in administrative penalties of up to 5,000 euros. If the moped drives faster than the permitted maximum speed of 45 km/h, it is to be regarded as a motorcycle and the driver needs a motorcycle driver’s license. And if you drive without a valid driver’s license, you will also be fined.

Illegal tuning of e-bikes

Before the start of the two-wheeler season, chief inspector Saler also warns against tampering with the motors of electric bikes. Anyone who removes chip modalities in order to tune the wheel is in for a nasty surprise. If the e-bike drives faster than 25 km/h, it is no longer considered a bicycle. This has far-reaching consequences after an accident, but also after a check, as the top traffic police officer from Vöcklabruck points out. “Anyone who tunes their e-bike is risking their life.” The changes to the bike often lead to increases in performance and thus to high speeds, which increase the risk enormously. Saler recommends a check by a specialist before the start of the season to avoid any nasty surprises.

Source: Nachrichten

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