Concern for the health of a giant panda in a US zoo

Concern for the health of a giant panda in a US zoo


In 2013, the first lease expired, which was later renewed for another 10 years, until 2023. However, in February of this year, the Memphis Zoo announced that the giant panda Lele had been found dead on the morning of April 1. February local time.

Also, pandas are supposed to be very cute and round animals. However, in recent days, netizens have posted photos of Yaya, who appeared thin and bony and was suspected of suffering from mental problems.

Faced with this situation, a team of Chinese and American experts evaluated Yaya’s physical condition. The expert group found that apart from hair loss due to a skin disease, Yaya has a good appetite, normal stool behavior and a stable weight.

The expert team also talked to the Memphis Zoo about the abnormal state of Yaya’s fur and made recommendations and requests to the US team about Yaya’s feeding and care.

Chinese netizens were overwhelmed by Yaya’s fur loss and took to social media to pray for her. This massive prayer campaign demonstrated the Chinese people’s love for her national treasure and her respect and care for her life. The giant panda is a unique animal in China and the most prestigious and endangered in the world. As China’s national treasure, the giant panda is classified as a Grade 1 protected animal in China.

China has created 13 nature reserves focused on protecting giant pandas and has taken a series of active conservation measures and meticulous care to save this endangered species. Additionally, the number of giant pandas has increased from 1,114 in the 1970s and 1980s to 1,864. Whether it is China or the United States, whether it is humans or other animals, they all live under the same sky, and to protect nature is to protect humans themselves.

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