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The government came out to cross the FA for its criticism of the tax cut

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“They complain about the tax cuts that they themselves created. Maybe that’s where the hand comes from,” added the president in conversation with Telemundo.

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The Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, also did. “I find it incredible that someone would criticize a tax cut. I don’t remember a government announcing a tax cut, “said the hierarch at a press conference he gave in Punta del Este, during the opening ceremony of the VIII Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction.

In the last hours, the opposition senator Mario Bergara He was one of those who attacked the initiative of the Executive Power and affirmed that it has an “electoral” and “demagogic” tinge. The ex-president Jose “Pepe” MujicaFor his part, he treated the government as “stingy”.

In turn, he added: “Maybe some people in the opposition are annoyed because the tax that is lowered is precisely the taxes on retirements and salaries, which the Broad Front government created,” he added.

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Criticizing him without knowing him is more of the same. Or worse of the same. There is a permanent critical attitude from the Broad Front that everything that is done is wrong, even when taxes are lowered,” Delgado complained.


The words of the Secretary of the Presidency are added to those of the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Paul Mieres, who on Sunday criticized that “nothing works for the opposition” on his Twitter account. “When the Broad Front ruled, they did not stop raising taxes on the middle sectors,” the official objected.

The Broad Front’s criticism of the reduction of personal income tax and the IASS

In the last few hours, Senator Mario Bergara stated: “We feel that it is a measure that has more than electoral intentionality What a good administration.” The former Minister of Economy mentioned, on the other hand, other taxes that the entire population pays, such as the VATin which the government should focus, instead of personal income tax and IASS, which are only paid by “essentially a quarter of the population with the highest income.”

In addition, he pointed out that it will be necessary to see “if the tax increase” that occurred in recent years with this measure is returned. “If a tax reduction is decided, doing it after years of tax increases has clearly an electoral and demagogic overtone”, he expressed in that sense.

Regarding this, Lacalle Pou responded today: “Someone called me demagogic. It would be demagogic not to fulfill the commitment for the country”.

For his part, former President José “Pepe” Mujica described as “stingy” that people with low salaries are not thought of. “I think it’s a phenomenon. What seems stingy to me is that he does not remember those who are earning salaries of 15 or 20and I threw some chirolas over there,” he said.

“In short, the inequalities in our societies are very large and they are the ones that hurt. And even if one cannot fix them, at least It has to symbolize that he does not forget the weakest”, he added.

Source: Ambito

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