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Razor sharp: First title for Regina Neumüller

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Victory in the annual ranking: E. Rohrauer with “quarrelsome”
Image: (Rohrauer)
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With a six-point lead, she relegated chairman Franz Etzenberger to second place. Defending champion Gerhard Hütmeyer also ended up third in the winning photo.

The new club champion also won both color and theme (still life and autumn) divisions, and she also achieved the highest single shot, 29/30, with “Mable”. In short: Regina Neumüller has cleared everything up.

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In two rounds, the participants had to submit eight photos each in two categories, which were evaluated by the photo club SK Vöest Linz. With a razor-thin lead of two tenths of a point, Ernst Rohrauer secured his eighth win in the annual ranking of the pictures of the month ahead of Gerhard Hütmeyer and Regina Neumüller.

On the weekend of March 4th and 5th, Hannes Bohaumilitzky’s visually stunning lecture on the subject “Travel Addiction” can be experienced at the music school in Pettenbach.

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