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Agua Asencio expanded its plant in Soriano with an investment of US$1 million

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The investment reached figures close to a million dollars, and was carried out by local businessmen. The next step will be the construction of a third shed for storage.

A local enterprise, from the interior to the capital

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During the inauguration event, President Lacalle Pou referred to Asencio as “a local enterprise from many years ago, which the local partners have promoted with great force”.

Likewise, the president pointed out that he is lucky to meet the owners of the company in social life: “in addition to being businessmen in the area, they participate in activities of interest to the department of Soriano”, he recounted, noting that they are “very active people and that they have put a lot of heart, intellect and modernity into it, dreaming of covering not only the market they cover, but also entering the capital”.

“Those are beautiful challenges, from the interior to the capital, and we thought it was a very good thing to come to support this important date, commemorating a national date,” Lacalle Pou concluded.

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The plant employs 35 people directly and more than 100 indirectly. Meanwhile, Asencio continues to grow in the country, with a strong presence on the coast since Artigas to Cologne, and with operations also in Montevideo, Maldonado, Rocha, Florida and Flowers. The company’s goal is to reach all Uruguay.

Source: Ambito

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