How do you experience sexism in everyday life?

How do you experience sexism in everyday life?

“I’m sure I don’t need Viagra with you,” says a guest to a waitress who is about to take his order. In an Upper Austrian retirement home, an elderly man deliberately drops a pen and asks the taster student: “Pick that up! And do it very slowly!” At the outdoor pool, a woman is putting lotion on her friend’s back when a stranger calls out to them: “I’ll take care of the breast!”

There are scenes that women from Upper Austria have actually already experienced. Do you know that too? With which sexist slogans have you already been confronted? Feel free to leave a comment in the article forum.

It’s about power

Why do men behave like this? “A large proportion of men still believe they have to be stronger and more influential than women. Frighteningly, so do many young men,” says Lengau men’s advisor Martin Auer in an interview with the Innviertler editorial team.

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