Starbucks Index, where does Uruguay rank?

Starbucks Index, where does Uruguay rank?

In the last published indicator, Turkey was positioned as the country with the cheapest coffee, with a value of 1.31 dollars, while Swiss he was at the opposite end with a tall latte at $7.17. The United States, being the country of the reference currency, had an intermediate position with the price of coffee at 3.26 dollars.


Uruguay ranks third in the region in terms of the most expensive coffee.


What was the result for Uruguay?

Although far from having the price of Switzerland, Uruguay has a high price in coffee according to the Starbucks Index: with a price of $4.42 per glass, not only was it above the value of the United States, but it was located in the segment of “expensive” countries.

In other words, while in Uruguay a coffee with these characteristics costs around 172 pesosThat same coffee in the United States costs almost 127 pesos. So in the country, the same product is 35% more expensive. This is mainly due to the exchange rate delay and the strength of the Uruguayan peso against the dollar.

In Latin America, it was also in third place in terms of costs, only behind Chili ($4.95) and Argentina ($4.67).

A similar result yielded the Big Mac Index produced by the british magazine The Economist and published in January, whose conclusions showed that one of these famous hamburgers in Uruguay costs $6.85, while in the United States the value is $5.36.

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