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Applause, a barbecue and the laziness of the Broad Front, pearls of Lacalle Pou’s speech

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Applause for each other, but not for all

The first wave of applause for President Luis Lacalle Pou was during the recount of the achievements in his three years in office. When he referred to the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) and the result of the referendum was met with loud applause.

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The minister most applauded by the militants upon entering the Parliament building was that of Public Health, Daniel Salinasrepresentative of Cabildo Abierto

Surprisingly, the militancy present also erupted in applause when the president highlighted number portability as an achievement.

radio silence

The enthusiasm did not rub off on the legislators of the Broad Front (FA) in any part of the Luis Lacalle Pou exhibition.

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The Frente Amplio legislators did not applaud any announcement. Yes, they did it in a fervent way, the white bench and in a more lukewarm way, the colorados and Cabildo Abierto.

the barbecue

“The mayors are also here,” said Lacalle Pou in the middle of his speech and after admitting that he had forgotten to greet them at the beginning. “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the barbecue,” he promised with a smile.

From the stands, the heads of various departments responded to the gesture with laughter.

Source: Ambito

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