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Lacalle Pou, and a message for Argentina and Brazil?

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“This for us may be a common ritual, a daily ritual, but believe me it is not. All of us who have contact abroad in some way know that our democracy, which sounds like a very broad word, very big, but which is built on small examples and actions, has in it a differential action”, President Lacalle Pou began his address.

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His words resounded like a veiled message to the neighbor Argentinaone day after its Río de la Plata counterpart Alberto Fernandez began the legislative period with a scandalous clash with the opposition deputy Fernando Iglesias (Together for Change), who even insulted the Peronist president before withdrawing from Congress.

The Uruguayan differential is also in contrast to Brazil, where Lula da Silva began his government on January 1 without the presence of his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaroin the inauguration and with a Bolsonaro coup attempt a week later.

In fact, in this context, the image of Lacalle Pou went around the world accompanied by his predecessors in office, Julio Maria Sanguinetti and Jose “Pepe” Mujica.

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Lacalle Pou continued with his speech with a chicana also for the Broad Front (FA), describing it as “tome” the decision to send the Accountability.

“We have wanted every March 2 to come to this house in person. We could do it with some tome, that someone very interested will read, but we like to come here, look into each other’s eyes like when we meet in any part of the country, ”he said.

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