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They warn that due to the drought there is only a supply of drinking water until April

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The supply in the departments and localities

According to OSE’s weekly report, for the metropolitan area that includes Montevideo and the surrounding areas, the supply would last until the end of April. But in places like Peach, Sarandí del Yí, mines and Solis de Mataojothe current availability barely covers the needs of March.

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Florida, for its part, it would have supplies for 45 days, that is, until mid-April, approximately.

Meanwhile, the Atlantis system that uses the Swan Lagoon and Montevideo, reports a continuous drop in the water level.

The prohibition of the use of drinking water

Since last February 11, in Montevideo and cannelloni -including Gold Coast-, and in Lavalleja, Colonia, Florida, Saint Joseph and Soriano, Non-priority use of potable water is prohibited.

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The measure covers 65 locations in which activities such as irrigation, washing sidewalks and outdoor patios, washing vehicles by individuals and filling swimming pools cannot be carried out.

Although initially there were no sanctions for non-compliance with the prohibition —OSE appealed to the responsibility of citizens to preserve the scarce availability of drinking water that the country faces—, currently the entity imposed service cuts and a fine for reopening the service of 2 Readjustable Units (UR) , about 3004.5 pesos, at the current value.

Source: Ambito

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