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MGAP confirmed 70 chickens killed by bird flu

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The agricultural portfolio isolated area and established a surveillance with a radius of 5 kilometersas indicated in the protocol for these cases.

Influenza complicates negotiations to export poultry meat to China

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The news is especially relevant because it further complicates the negotiations headed by the minister fernando mattos with China to export poultry meat to that Asian country. The government seeks to open new markets precisely because of the delicate situation of the sector in Uruguay.

In fact, the first case of influenza, for which the health emergency was declared, was detected just a few days after the negotiations began. The announcement was made during a tour of poultry establishments with the Chinese ambassador in Uruguay, wang gang.

The Asian giant has a high demand for animal protein and is the largest market for the export of Uruguayan beef and sheep meat. The spread of this disease, which is easily transmissible between birds, therefore constitutes a huge risk for the poultry industry local.

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After the tour with the Chinese diplomat, the minister then stressed that the sector “has the conditions to be competitive and generate quality products” for foreign markets. “Perhaps there is no other industry as important in generating labor as poultry farming,” he said during the recent Poultry Expo in San Bautista, in Canelones.

How to detect bird flu?

Along with the statement confirming the discovery of the 70 dead animals, the government recalled that the ingestion of chickens or birds is not contagious, although “contact with birds sick with influenza can affect” peoplefor which he urged the population to give notice in the presence of dead birds or with symptoms.

Between the symptoms that present the disease are: rapid death of the birds, ruffled plumage, edema on the head (swollen head), diarrhoea, sudden decrease in posture, production of deformed eggs with soft or thin shells, respiratory problems, panting, coughing, conjunctivitis , ocular and nasal secretions, sinusitis, suffocation, incoordination, tremors, eye and head movements, paralysis and convulsions, according to data from the MGAP.

bird flu there is no cureTherefore, once the animals become infected, they must be euthanized to prevent the spread of the virus.

Source: Ambito

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