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Hands move, not feet

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When Anna Richter (in a yellow blazer) and chef Fuxxxy conjured up a fine salad in the Haka show kitchen, the rush was huge.
Image: VOLKER Weihbold
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We compare it to a cockpit.” Just like in the cockpit of an airplane, all the central utensils should also be within reach in an intelligently planned kitchen. “In a kitchen, hands should move and not feet,” said Anna Richter. The current one Marketing manager and future head of Haka kitchens pointed out the great value of a well-planned kitchen on women’s day.

The first step is therefore to explore: “What do I use often and what do I rarely use? What needs to be within reach and what can be stowed further away?” And because nobody likes to be disturbed while cooking, but the children might want to get a cool drink, “the fridge should always be on the outside.” Even if every woman would like as much space as possible in the kitchen, it should be borne in mind that “the more storage space, the more junk there is,” said Richter.

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What does the Kleinzeller chef Markus “Fuxxxy” Fuchs always want to have close at hand when he goes to work? “I need knives, boards and a decent grater within reach.” And the pots, “which I use all the time, I want to have at hand quickly and easily,” says the experienced Mühlviertel chef. In the Haka show kitchen, he immediately put the theory into practice for the visitors of the OÖN Women’s Day and conjured up a refreshing salad in a matter of minutes.

He and Anna Richter were sure of the recognition and praise of the tasting ladies: “It tastes excellent.” Of course there are also trends in the kitchen. About the color: “Lange dominated white.” Dark tones have been on the rise for two or three years. Reed green is absolutely trendy – exactly the same color as the show kitchen in the Promenaden galleries.

Speaking of trendy: Vegan is totally hip, what tips he has for the listeners here, OÖN culinary editor Julia Evers wanted to know from Fuxxxy. “Take it easy. It’s all about cutting out the meat.” If you season the vegetables like roast pork and add a bit of soy sauce at the end, then after searing them they taste “like roast pork too”.

Source: Nachrichten

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