Number of right-wing extremist crimes has fallen slightly

Number of right-wing extremist crimes has fallen slightly
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This shows the answer to a parliamentary question from the SPÖ by Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP). In 2022, there were 928 acts with a right-wing extremist background (2021: 1,053). Of these, 791 were explicitly right-wing extremist acts (819), 51 racist (66), 33 anti-Semitic (52) and three Islamophobic (9). There were 929 (998) ads under the Prohibition Act. Vienna. Most of the 928 right-wing extremist acts were committed by men (599). Most of the ads were in Vienna, Upper and Lower Austria, 182 crimes took place on the Internet.

High level for years

For Sabine Schatz, SPÖ spokeswoman for culture of remembrance, there can be no talk of an easing of the situation despite the decline. After all, the level of right-wing extremist crimes in Austria has been extremely high for years. “Nevertheless, we are still waiting for the right-wing extremism report for 2021 and the national action plan against right-wing extremism,” she said in a statement. She appealed to Karner to “finally deliver” and to submit a right-wing extremism report again. She also insisted on implementing the action plan against right-wing extremism decided in the National Council in 2021.

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