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The price gap between Uruguay and Argentina grows

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The important and growing difference is mainly explained by the variation of the exchange ratewhere the dollar maintained a downward trend during the first month of the year in Uruguay, while the opposite happened in Argentina.

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In November of last year, the gap from the Argentine perspective was 121.9%, while in October it was 118%.

The gap across headings

while in the field Food and Non-Alcoholic Beveragesthe price difference reached 164% last January, the category “Alcoholic Beverages and Cigarettes” it was more expensive in Salto than in Concordia, with a gap that reached 201%; the minimum price difference was registered in March 2018 and was 38%.

Wine, beer in supermarkets and cigarettes in kiosks show differences of 116%, 188% and 291%, respectively. The difference in whiskey is 31%.

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in the category Clothing and footwear, the gap was 36.8%, with a large dispersion in the price differences observed in this division. Likewise, this category was cheaper in Salto than in Concordia from November 2015 to September 2018. As of April, the situation reversed and the gap has widened since then, reaching its peak of 85.1% in July 2022. .

As to Domestic products, the difference was 107% between Salto and Concordia. The most significant differential is seen in powdered soap, which reached a gap of 189%; in the detergent, with a difference of 174%; and in electric lamps, with 180%. On the other hand, the sheets are cheaper in Salto.

In the category Transport and fuels, gasoline and diesel are more expensive in Salto, while vehicle covers are cheaper there. The price of these three products is contemplated in the transportation division, in which it can be seen that the price difference in the liter of super gasoline is 147% considering the benefit of Internal Specific Tax (Imesi). If such benefit were not considered, the price difference would reach 252%.

The difference is 191% for diesel, while the covers in Concordia reach a gap in favor of Salto of 47%, due to a supply problem in that city.

Source: Ambito

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