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At 230 km/h on the A1: drunk speeder stopped after 70 kilometers

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Photo: (Volker Weihbold)
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According to a broadcast on Saturday, the driver had overtaken a civilian patrolman at far too high a speed on the Donauufer Autobahn (A22) near Stockerau (Korneuburg district). Although the police followed at 230 km/h, they could not catch up with the car. The Belgian was stopped after more than 70 kilometers. The 41-year-old had 1.3 per mille intus.

Several strips in use

Several road users dialed the emergency call, which enabled the police to understand the driver’s route via the Stockerauer Schnellstraße (S5) and Kremser Schnellstraße S33 on the A1 towards Salzburg. Other patrols were involved in the search for the Belgian car. Finally, the 41-year-old was stopped at the Völlerndorf rest stop in St. Pölten. He didn’t have a valid driver’s license and an alcohol test was positive. A provisional security deposit was collected.

Charges for numerous violations

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The 41-year-old will be reported to the responsible public prosecutor’s office after the investigation has been completed on suspicion of endangering physical safety and to the responsible district administrative authorities for numerous administrative violations, the executive said. Witnesses and other endangered road users are requested to report to the Stockerau Motorway Police Inspectorate (Tel.: 059133-3252).

Source: Nachrichten

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