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The 70 chickens killed by bird flu were infected by migratory birds, Mattos said

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The news is especially relevant because it further complicates the negotiations led by the minister with China to export poultry meat to that Asian country. The government seeks to open new markets precisely because of the delicate situation of the sector in Uruguay.

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Thus, the Asian giant has a high demand for animal protein and is the largest market for the export of Uruguayan beef and sheep meat.

In this sense, Mattos stated that it is “difficult” to dimension the economic loss that the advent of this virus represents for the country.

Mattos warned that, if cases were found in hatcheries, “it would be a very strong impact”

The poultry industry is not going through its best moment. In this context, the chief stated that “all measures are being taken so that this is not verified in hatcheries, there it is.” it would be a very strong impact“.

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The arrival of bird flu represents a huge risk for the sector. Therefore, the legal disposition that the Ministry has is of the stamping out“every animal that has had contact with diseased species must be sacrificed”, in the words of the official.

In that sense, he explained: “If there is a sick bird in a house of thousands, the thousands that are in contact must be eliminated. Once it enters the hatchery, stamping out must be applied to the entire shed. All of that would be a huge loss for the producer and the country.”

Source: Ambito

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