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Biathlon: Bö brothers double victory despite positive corona tests

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Johannes Thingnes Boe (L) and Tarjei Boe
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“We don’t know if we have it or not. But John and I had positive tests with a faint line,” second-placed Tarjei Bö (34) told Norwegian broadcaster “NRK”.

The two Scandinavians wore mouth and nose protection at the award ceremony. “I don’t think we infected anyone. We were all alone,” said Tarjei Bö. Teammate Sturla Holm Laegreid had left before the start after a positive test, Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet did not follow because of a corona infection and drove home.

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As in tennis, for example, there are “no more specific rules” in biathlon, said communications director Christian Winkler from the World Association IBU of the German Press Agency on Sunday. “But there is a clear recommendation to pay attention to the health of the athletes.” Ultimately, however, it is a team decision.

“We felt good during the warm-up and in the race,” emphasized Tarjei Bö. They also started in order not to lose points in the fight for the overall World Cup, because there have been no discarded results since this season. “That happens when you can’t iron out a race,” said Johannes Thingnes Bö.

Sweden’s Sebastian Samuelsson showed understanding. “I understand that when you lead the World Cup, you want to run. Many of us said that to the IBU when the rule change was presented. The risk is that some will compete even if they are not completely healthy,” said the mass start -World Champion. He did that at the World Cup in France at the end of December. Health is the most important thing, but you feel a certain pressure, explained the 35-year-old.

Source: Nachrichten

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