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Grünburg: Ex-brother shot in the night

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The shots were fired in the entrance area
Image: Photo_ Kerschi
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Several shots rang out suddenly around one o’clock on Sunday through a housing estate in Grünburg. In the end, any help came too late for a 43-year-old father. He succumbed to his serious injuries in the entrance area of ​​his family home. The alleged perpetrator was the victim’s former brother-in-law: he is the brother of the dead man’s ex-wife. The man from the Amstetten district is said to have driven to Grünburg at night and rang the doorbell. The 43-year-old opened and is said to have been shot dead suddenly by the 37-year-old.

The perpetrator then fled in the car. The Cobra took up the chase and was able to arrest the man at his home address in Ennsdorf. Andreas Pechatschek from the Steyr public prosecutor announced that he had made a full confession. The motive for the crime may have to do with a family conflict.

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The victim was the father of two children (ten and twelve years old), who previously lived with the 43-year-old, who was separated from the child’s mother and lived in the family home in Grünburg with his new partner and their children.

During his interrogation, the alleged perpetrator stated that he did not agree at all with how his ex-brother-in-law would raise his niece and nephew, that he did not want “the children to be like their father,” according to the almost unbelievable Responsibility of the 37-year-old to the investigators. The alleged shooter is said to have complained that his ex-brother-in-law was a “narcissist”. There was also talk yesterday of a smoldering custody conflict.

When the shots were fired, all four children and the victim’s partner were upstairs in the house. The woman immediately dialed 911, but the ambulance couldn’t do anything for the man. The Kripo assumes two to three shots in the neck and upper body.

Investigated on suspicion of murder. The 37-year-old, who has not yet been blamed, is to be transferred to the prison tomorrow. The murder weapon, a Glock pistol, was seized. The perpetrator is said to have acquired the firearm legally in January this year. Whether at that time already with the ulterior motive of using them against the ex-brother-in-law is not yet clear.

Source: Nachrichten

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