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controls were reinforced in Tacuarembó and Durazno

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Inspections took place in more than 50 productive establishments in the cities of Tacuarembó and Durazno where sanitary rifles were applied to all the animals. “The sanitary rifle has just been applied to all the animals that were there, some 60 birds, chickens, some guineas, ducks, geese and pigs,” explained the mayor of Tacuarembó, Wilson Esquerrain the middle Underlined.

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Esquerra explained that the MGAP will meet with representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) to compensate the losses that the producer had due to the death of his animals. On the other hand, he met with representatives of the MGAP, including the minister himself, fernando mattos and the undersecretary Ignacio Buffaas well as with authorities from the departmental police and the health sector.

At the meeting they put together an action plan so that the disease does not continue to spread in San Gregorio, among which it was decided to prohibit bird fairs, as well as their transfer. In addition, Esquerra specified that the mayor’s office helped in the burial of the animals, together with the MGAP, where the technicians participated “with all the security measures of the case.”

How to detect bird flu?

Along with the statement confirming the discovery of the 70 dead animals, the government recalled that the ingestion of chickens or birds is not contagious, although “contact with birds sick with influenza can affect” peoplefor which he urged the population to give notice in the presence of dead birds or with symptoms.

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Between the symptoms that present the disease are: rapid death of birds, ruffled plumage, edema on the head (swollen head), diarrhea, sudden decrease in posture, production of deformed eggs with soft or thin shells, respiratory problems, panting, coughing, conjunctivitis , ocular and nasal secretions, sinusitis, suffocation, incoordination, tremors, eye and head movements, paralysis and convulsions, according to data from the MGAP.

bird flu there is no cureTherefore, once the animals become infected, they must be euthanized to prevent the spread of the virus.

Source: Ambito

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