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There will only be a teacher strike in Montevideo high schools

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ADES, resolved yesterday Saturday the 24 hour strikeas well as a possible occupation of some educational centers in sample of his rejection to the curriculum of the educational reform, and the implementation of the recent plan of Integrated Basic Education (EBI).

Fenapes will hold an International Strike of Women and Dissidents on March 8

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In turn, and despite not joining tomorrow’s, Fenapes also scheduled a strike for Wednesday March 8after a meeting of its National Gender Commission, on behalf of the Women and Dissidentsunder the slogan “Class, anti-racist and anti-capitalist feminism!”.

In addition, from the Federation, the government is accused of “promising a model education”, but “cut 150 million dollars in two years“, being this “the biggest cut in history” of public education, as expressed on their social networks.

For Phenapes the Executive powerlies”, and far from carrying out a “transformation”, he is carrying out a covert “adjustment”, in addition to affirming that with the “cut”, all secondary education students “are going to learn less”.

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On this, Silva maintained on Twitter that “this time hope will win over the fear that some intend to sow to stop any educational change”, in addition to thanking “the teachers who attend and with this do not break the illusion of the first day of classes in thousands of students.


Source: Ambito

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