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The water tower is now available as a handicraft sheet in the town hall

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The Amstettner water tower is now available as a cut-out sheet.
Image: Municipality
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In addition to the depot for the locomotives, only the water tower on the station grounds remained standing. Residents can make the landmark with scissors and glue from a sheet of paper.

Lecturers and students at the Vienna University of Technology drew the model version for self-construction as part of a research project for the “Architectural Guide of Lower Austria” as a print template. “The instructions and the handicraft sheets for the water tower can be picked up during the opening hours in the citizens’ service in the Amstetten town hall,” explains Deputy Mayor Markus Brandstetter (VP). The paper landmark is given away free of charge to hobbyists from the city. “The water tower is one of the most striking landmarks in our city,” explains Brandstetter. The building is a symbol of the upswing that the city experienced after it laid the tracks for the Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Bahn, as the western railway was called in the monarchy. (feh)

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