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Monday, March 27, 2023

Ex-brother-in-law’s father shot: Suspect was apparently drunk

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The 37-year-old is said to have killed his 43-year-old ex-brother-in-law with four shots from a legally owned gun. When he was arrested almost two hours after the crime, 0.8 per mil alcohol was measured on him, a spokeswoman for the Steyr public prosecutor reported on Monday. The man confessed. The 37-year-old rang the doorbell of his former brother-in-law in Grünburg at 1:05 a.m. He immediately opened and closed the door again. However, the suspect fired three times into the glass element of the door and thus entered the house. There he is said to have fired four more shots at the victim before he fled home in his car, where he was later arrested.

On Monday or Tuesday at the latest, the accused will be questioned by a magistrate, who will also decide on the detention. The public prosecutor is investigating for murder.

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As a motive, the man stated that his sister’s children should not become like their father, who is a narcissist. According to the prosecutor, the 37-year-old has a close relationship with his sister and children. Since the divorce in 2017, father and mother have shared custody, the children lived with the father, with his partner and their children. The accused had also testified that he felt that there was a certain estrangement between his sister and her children and that the father was working against the mother and turning the children against her.

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