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Neuburger brings back the meatless Hermann

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Hermann and Thomas Neuburger believe in their meatless product line. (Plant)
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The discontinuation of the product line a year ago was at least as sensational as the introduction of the meatless Neuburger brother “Hermann”. Since then, Hermann and Thomas Neuburger have examined the existing concept, questioned the topic of meat substitutes and dared to think in completely new ways. Now there’s news: “Hermann” is coming back shortly and it’s completely different. Market entry is planned for the end of March. Further details will only be revealed a few days in advance.

Meatless, but still full of pleasure that is the idea of ​​”Hermann”, the vegetarian line from Hermann and Thomas Neuburger. For many years, Hermann Neuburger had the vision of a meat-free alternative: dealing with animals and developments in the production of meat products encouraged him to establish a sustainable business pillar. Since 2016, Hermann Neuburger and his son Thomas in Ulrichsberg have been using king oyster mushrooms as the basis for product innovation. There are also regional ingredients from organic farming, but no additives. The in-house organic mushroom cultivation further shortens the transport routes of the main raw material. The focus is not on doing without certain foods, but on the individual desire for more sustainability, a healthier lifestyle and more taste – even on meat-free days.

Crises forced pause

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Incidentally, the company cited the price increases as a result of the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine as the reason for the temporary shutdown last year. The prices for raw materials, energy and transport are currently immense and cannot be predicted for the future, said Neuburger at the time: “In order to be able to continue to offer our products at an affordable price, we would have to make unacceptable compromises in quality. Stretching the ingredients, doing without organic or adding additives – that’s out of the question,” Hermann and Thomas Neuburger were quoted as saying.

Brilliant start

Hermann started quite ambitious: In 2016 “Hermann meatless” was presented. The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the mushroom cultivation halls followed in 2017. There the king oyster mushrooms were cultivated as raw material for the vegetarian product line. Incidentally, it was never the intention of the Neuburgers to “educate” people to be vegetarians. But: “If everyone eats less meat, a lot would be achieved. It won’t work out like it used to, but at least we can try to swap meat for a vegetarian alternative once a week. Then we would have won something,” said the company bosses in the OÖN interview.

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