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Women’s Day: Equality is not that important in Austria for many

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In Germany, the attitude that above all women and not men also benefit from equality is stronger than the awareness of inequality – this is the result of a comparative study by the iposos institute on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Inequality is present for 58 percent of respondents in Austria (740 online respondents in February, internationally around 22,000 interviews in 32 other countries), internationally it is significantly more at 68 percent. Efforts to achieve gender equality already go far enough for many people in this country: 47 percent think that enough has already been done in Austria with regard to equality between men and women. A third (34 percent) sees the measures taken so far as discrimination against men.

Similar values ​​as in Saudi Arabia

Only every third Austrian under the age of 75 believes that they will still experience gender equality themselves. And: In almost no other country are the advantages of equality judged so one-sidedly as in Austria: Only in one of the 32 other countries examined, namely Saudi Arabia, do more people think that women in particular benefit from equality. In Austria, 28 percent of respondents see it that way (Saudi Arabia: 29), the global country average is 18 percent. 45 percent of Austrians think that both sexes benefit, internationally it is 53 percent.

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The value for the question of whether young women in the country lead a better life than their parents is correspondingly high. In Austria, this value is 69 percent, internationally only 51. Sexism and gender discrimination remain an everyday problem: Among those surveyed, 43 percent have experienced sexist remarks from friends or family members, discrimination at work or sexual harassment at least once in the last year .

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