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Inflation is still outside the target, which products increased the most?

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He Consumer Price Index (CPI) it registered a new low in February to settle at 7.55% per year, a figure, however, outside the government’s goal, which foresees values ​​between 3 and 75.

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The indicator inflation of the National Statistics Institute (INE) was strongly conditioned by the increases in the item Food and Non-alcoholic beverages, which had an increase of 1.84%.

Within this category, the largest increases corresponded to products affected by the drought and, to a lesser extent, the bird flu.

The price of the eggs rose 4.0%. For experts, in general it is a first indicator of the effect of the disease on the economy.

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Inflation February INE

Photo: INE

Between the fruit and the vegetables and legumes Variations of up to 48.45% were registered for carrots, this being the product that increased the most last month, followed by lemons with increases of 37.78%. Potatoes also marked a strong jump, with increases of 32.94% while tomatoes did so by 22.60%.

The meat, down

In contrast to the increase in fruit and vegetable products, meat prices fell during February.

The category “Fresh, refrigerated or frozen meat” marked a decrease of 0.61% reported the INE. The drop in the prices of the pecetto (-7.29%), from carré and pork pulp (-3.65%), and from whole chicken (-1.16%). This last food is at the center of the conflict between the national production chain and the government over imports from Brazil.

Source: Ambito

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