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The start of classes was peaceful despite the teacher strike, said Silva

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The president of the Codicen explained that, despite the forecasts of some organizations, the majority of the students showed up.

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Robert Silvapresident of the encodeensured the start of classes of fue peaceful and that the majority of the students went, despite what the organizations that joined the strike this Monday predicted in the framework of a start of classes crossed by the educational reform.

In yesterday, the Association of Secondary School Teachers (ADES) decided to carry out a strike at the beginning of the school year where the application of the educational reform was at stake. “This call for them to go is bearing fruit. Here there was adherence to the strikes and it was known that the students did not go. Today I visited centers and the illusion of the first day of class was not broken, because the students went,” said Robert Silva in statements to Underlined.

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The official took advantage of hitting the union leaders by establishing that “the catastrophic start” that they predicted did not take place. “I urge the union leaders, instead of doing it in front of the cameras to come, that we are willing to solve them. Because the catastrophic announcements are denied by us or by time. Because the catastrophic start that they announced has not occurred,” Silva remarked .

On the other hand, Silva referred to the seizure of the Manuel Oribe High School No. 41. “They told me of terrible situations, of children who arrived with their parents and unfortunately a minority illegally prevented the possibility of workers to work and students to enjoy the right to education,” explained the official.

From ADES they established that the force measures are due to the fact that the organizations and also teachers and directors reject the application of the educational reform where the new Integrated Basic Education (EBI) plan will be implemented. On the other hand, from the National Federation of Secondary Education Teachers (Fenapes), accuses the government of “promising a model education”, but “cut 150 million dollars in two years”, this being “the largest cut in history” of public education.

Source: Ambito

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