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“Star Wars” novice

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Yes, they really do exist: people who have never seen Star Wars. I’m one of those. Until now. Now my boss has hooked me on to season three of The Mandalorian – the first episode is currently on Disney+.

thanks boss

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Stepping into season three as a novice feels a bit like flying blindly around a vast universe: there are wonderful worlds to marvel at, but a storm of ignorance could lurk around every corner.

It starts with a battle against a reptile that little Grogu (Baby Yoda) miraculously defeats. But then his friend Din Djarin, The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), has to report: He has taken off his helmet and is therefore in danger of being excluded. There is only one way of purification: bathe under the living mines of Mandalore. So Din Djarin and Grogu head to the home planet.

Well, in addition to bold chases in space, bizarre characters and strange occurrences, there are also emotional and funny scenes. Animations and music are really great. The “Star Wars” euphoria didn’t grab me – but that can still happen. I’m waiting for episode two.

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